Top 5 Reasons You Cannot Trust the Accuracy of a Zillow Zestimate

Thursday, January 9, 2020  
Damian & Mayra Senquiz  

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By Damian & Mayra Senquiz

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hello, we are Mayra and Damian Senquiz and today we are talking about the 5 shocking facts why you cannot trust the accuracy of Zillow Zestimate when Pricing your home.

*Be sure not to miss the 5th reason why your Zillow zestimate is not probably accurate, you will be shocked at what you hear (encourages viewers to watch till the end). If you are interested in knowing how much someone would pay for your house and how much you will net when it sells, stay tuned and at the end of this video I will be able to show you how to get an accurate home value.

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#1 reason why Zillow zestimate may not be accurate: Zillow doesn't know anything about the condition of your home or the updates that you put in your home. Zillow is not looking at your home’s quality, and features. ? [TESTIMONIAL] 2448 Britt Street, The Zillow “Zestimate” was $315,000. Three other agents told the owner the house was worth $320,000. “But we could see the updates and views and knew it could sell for more. We listed the home at $359,000. Right after we did that, the Zillow Zestimate went to $325,000. “ We sold the home the first weekend for $365,000.” If the seller would have believed the three agents and the Zillow Zestimate, it would have costed them $50,000!

#2 reason: Zillow has little knowledge of your location or lot qualities. Mountain views, culdesacs, golf courses, walking distance to school etc. all add value to a home. 70% of the buyers purchase decision is influenced by the location of the home, of which, Zillow as insufficient knowledge of.

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#3 reason: Zillow data is often inaccurate because they don't have to be accurate. 50% of Zillow’s revenue come from real estate agents buying leads from Zillow. Comparable sales- Zillow does not always compare apples to apples in selecting.

#4 reason: They can't keep up with any market shifts. As the market shifts, Zillow's Zestimate may be off by thousands, when taking things like changing interest rates and seasonality into account.

#5 reason: Zillow is buying homes. Zillow will make an offer to buy your home and they will flip it for a profit. Do you think Zillow is going to pay full market value for your home? If they do, they can't make a profit! Selling your home to Zillow might work for home sellers who want a quick and easy out, but Zillow is an internet company backed by wall street; who has a goal to make a profit on your home, as well as put real estate agents out of business.

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When they make an offer, they do not charge commission, but a “service fee” of at least 7% of the sale price, and best of all for Zillow, their offer will always be below market value.

Here it is I promised, we would tell you how much exactly a real buyer would pay for your home and how much you will net in your pocket when it sells. Please go to the website on the screen and request a free report or call the number on the screen.